Tuesday, December 19, 2006

second day the gym

yay! the last time i od'd on protein shake and creatine, so didn't sleep well. used the sauna so skin broke out and not quite recovered yet...

for every up there is a down. came home late and ate my food that i bought from the 'reduced to clear' section at tescos. really good stuff that's reduced cos it's reached it's display by date. cheap and great.

probably won't sleep well tonight.

need to get my visa stuff sorted, loads of paperwork to get together for my application in january not to mention loads of cash to hand over in the process...

flip it's 11:15pm...eek.

Monday, December 18, 2006

All I want for Xmas...

...is a NEW LIVER.

This past Friday was out company xmas party. Was fun. Got to see sides of people that you would never see during the constraints of a normal working environment. It was a bit all over the place though. It was hald at Whittlebury Hall, which is supposedly very posh. Diana used to stay there years ago. It wasn't free though, we had to pay for the room ourselves, though the rest of it was free.

Bcos there was a couple of other functions going on, and many function and lounge areas, as well as a couple of bars, people wandered and there was not much sense of togetherness.

I eventually ended up with the Roxio Toast UK team. Was fun cos I had a go at them for all the bugs and stuff what toast still can't do, but cheap free hacks off the internet can do.

Drove back home to Northampton the next day with a massive hangover...

visa museums and organic beer

this sunday i went to london for 24 hours and a bit. just got back this evening 8pm ish.

f1rst stop was to get to motspur park, south of london to see my friends tadhg and nat. they just got from prague (lucky bastards). they had a piss up these past 3 days that they were away cos stuff is just so cheap there. the architecture brilliant, and they described it as a most romantic city. the people, though, are rude and ugly. scored 2 t-shirts, a mug and a teddy bear which was won on a raffle on easyjet airlines. ;)

watched a re-run of x-faxtor. leona! leona! leona!

Today made an early start. got up at 6am to take the early train into london central.

1) stopped to have coffee at cafe nero with tadhg before he started work.

2) museum of london. damn these british people are so full of themselves, and brag about themselves and their so-called illustrious past. walked around uninterested, though took some nice pics, mainly in the 'refugees' section.

3) went to see a south african law firm who have a department specializing in work permits. getting documentation together, and will submit application in january. a really standard, buit long and drawn out procedure.

4) visited harrods. went to see where the digital signage that i'm creating (that still has the potential not to happen) might appear. harrods sells animal fur illegally, and there were protestors outside. i told the lady that i would go in and not buy out of principle. besides the stuff is overrated and overpriced...

5) met akhil for the last time before he moves to paris in a couple of weeks. met at this funky, albeit very dark underground bar where i had just two organic beers whcih got me very drunk.

6) perused the sex shops in soho for a particular item that i can possibly mention...ahem...moving on...

7) ate a falafel salad meal in soho before catching the train back to northampton. watched a bit of 'failure to launch' on the train, before falling off to sleep listening to this superbly soothing classical CD on the pod...

8) came home to see ollie put up a christmas tree, for which the lights don't work

almost 9pm. gonna retire early (in theory). nite.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

strange sky formation

this is the view from my apartment. we've been having strange weather, moderate and frequent rainfall, icy cold wind and a tornado last week. Oliver (landlord) took a pic from our apartment that was featured on BBC news...

This pic was taken by me last night. had a strange linear cloud formation that stretched miles and miles... that tower you see is northamptons claim to fame - it's a lift tower which was used to test, well, lifts years ago. it still exists as a landmark. currently decorated with a small crimbo tree...

First day of gym

Yay! Half and hour of cardio, a full body workout, a quick dip in the pool, then a visit to the sauna. 9pm, and i still need to eat. don't quite a mens health cover body (yet). hmmm...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rabbit out the hat

yeah! About literally 50 design variations later, client is happy and all is well...

on to the next challenge...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

so much better after that can of fosters

you can create motion graphics for check out desks at heathrow airport, create work stands inside harrods, but it's odd how a simple layout that involves a picture and a flat colour can f**k with your confidence. this was one of those days.

as creative people, do we need days off where our cretivity is not flowing like we would like. motzart did not have a crazy hetic deadlines coming out of his ears, michaelangelo took years to create the sistine chapel, pop artists take months to create an album, and we are expected to in the space of a few hours, conceptualize, copy write, and execute an idea with 5 different options. technology does not make our lives easier, it makes our clients expectations higher. i wish i was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair.

think i'm gonna be an alcoholic, or turn to hard narcotics. just had a can of fosters, and it's not quite saying hello, though making the evening so go much faster...

making many typos as a write this, in between occasional spoonfuls of my organic chunky veggie soup, that makes up three portions of my recommended fruit and veg for the day, and bites of my granary bread with too much of unsalted butter.

gonna get to bed fairly early so i can be alert and creative for cracking the creative juices...gonna curl up under my double duvets while the icy wind blows outside. it was about 12 degrees this morning and pelting with rain. i look at pics of the durban coastline and wonder why i'm in this little hellhole called northampton. that's why escapes to london almost every weekend make this journey bearable. a binge-drink once a week never killed anyone.

damn i need to clean the bathroom...

ipod is calling me. just got the latest 5th generation video ipod, and loaded all my tv shows, music videos and movies onto it. currently making my way through the first season of lost. makes all the commuting i do go so much faster, can watch about 3 episodes of lost on one commute.

but tv shows demand so much commitment. i need to watch through many hours of lost and from peeps who are onto the third season, some questions have been answered, but many still remain. do have the patience? a movie is so much more non-commital. over in less than two hours with no commitments. reminds me of some of my best relationships. did i just write that? must be the fosters talking.

ollie my landlord is working from lunch till 11pm, so it may be a week until i see him again. kinda like having my own place...

got loads of pics to upload to my flickr site. paid a years membership only upload every now and then, though i have unlimited storage space, albeit a 2gig monthly upload limit. if only my broadband was fast enough. got the free option with one of the phone rental companies, so during peak hours it's super slow, like pouring a banana smoothie down a polar bear's back in the middle of winter.

tomorrow is a new day. wish me luck...

Thursday, November 30, 2006

confessions on a kitchen floor

Yes I may burn in hell. I have been slowly weaning myself off a pure veg diet. Yes I feel sorry for the little buggers, but been tempted by gastronomic experimentation, and been having fish as well as chicken in moderation. Trying to buy organic, though it's significantly more expensive.

The vegan freaks will have my head for this...

Happy Tree Friends

Definitely the coolest animated shorts ever! A cross between the Smurfs and Itchy and Scratchy. Can be a bit macarbe (spelling) and definitely not suitable for children. Visit the Happy Tree Friends website, though they best are downloaded for FREE through iTunes.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


That's all. Can't be bothered to type anything else. Can't be bothered to drag myself to join the gym. It's a realtively warm 13 degrees celcius and I don't wanna leave the house.

Will try and get free tickets for the World Music Awards next week in London, but that means taking time off from work, and more expense...gonna install software on my machine, watch some DVD's maybe Wallace and Grommit 3 cracking adventures / Rumour has it / emmmm

I'm starving. Having pumpkin ravioli with sage infused oil and parmesan, instant of course. Not helping with that illusive 6 pack.

Cold, miserable, edgy, hungry, surprised I typed that much out. x

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lily Allen

Just picked up the New Lily Allen CD from the library, from what I've heard already, the album rocks. Don't know about her though, she had the potential to be a real diva and already exudes bitchiness.

Also listening to recently is Pink 'I'm not Dead', Will Youngs 'Keep On', the Guilmots, Justin Timberlake and James Morrison - all worthy of having a listen.

4 f**king degrees

when i got home this evening...

5 degrees on my way to work and it's not even the dead of winter yet...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

so what's been happenning???

hey people

Friday - was pretty mellow. Stayed in and got my stuff together for my London weekend with Tadhg, his roomate, and his nieces. I took random pics to document my boredom, extracted my DVD's to add to Front Row on my Mac Mini, and was gonna go out to see Graeme DJ'ing at a pub just around the corner from me. But Northampton being as crap as it is, not one single person showed up, so I ended up staying in and converting my video clips to 3G format so I can watch them on my mobile phone (can you tell that I'm a Geek?) Ollie was around too. He's just installed the hallway lights which makes the place look really big and gives the feel of a hotel room lobby (well in relation to what is was like before it does). These books are the ones nes to my bed that change every week, but I rarely ever read them. Nice thought though.

Saturday - made an earlyish start to go to London. Met Tadhg and his nieces in Soho square, did some retail therapy and visited The British Musuem. Had an Organic fruit juice, a multivitamin, and my first coffee in 3 months all at once. So I ended up running around the museum on a high. Eventually tadgh went out for a cigarette while I let my evergy burn out. Lots cool stuff. The Rosetta Stone was a highlight. Learned about it in Art class, in History of Graphic Design, and couldn;t remember much about it, but was cool being there.

Then went drinking (as the Irish do best) - first in Soho, then in Richmond, a small very posh suburb south of London. Was drinking for 11 hours. The Irish have a stereotype of being big drinkers, and they did not dissapoint. Was fun overall.

Sunday was spent recovering. Due to 'planned (f**king) engineering works', trains in some places were non operational, so it took 4 hours to get home.

This week at work, I was working on a pitch for Harrods in-store digital signage, while my check-in animations for BMI Airlines went live at Heathrow Airport. Cool!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Regents Park

Wandered around London on Saturday. Regents Park is great. A little piece of Heaven in the madness that is London.

Diwali in London

Never so many Indians at one time in London... popped in to the celebrations in Trafalgar Square on my way home to Northampton. Just stayed for a bit to take in the spectacle of it all, and get some free Diwali sweetmeats.

Check out the pics!!!

Hips Don't Lie Parody

Last time I checked on Google, this video has been checked out over 11 million times! There's gotta be some money in there...

Madonna - Jump

hey check out Madge's new video. Great elements and concept, but can't help but feel there's something missing... still a great song anyway...one of the better tracks on Confessions - also unfortunately the last single.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Free Music

I am totally against piracy. We need to support the music industry, and ensure the artists can afford the latest mercedes, the nanny, the chef and the personal trainer.

But I just so happen to stumble accross these links...

Right click, (option click on the mac), and save link to disk...

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

Scissor Sisters - I don't feel like dancing - camp dance track

Justin Timberlake - Sexy back

Justin Timberlake - My love (Live)

Cascada - Every time we touch - kinda cheesy but doing it's rounds in the clubs

Paris Hilton - Stars are blind - she tries

Lily Allen - Smile - bad quality

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My first blog entry frm a mobile phone


last madonna entry, promise

Madonna in Cardiff
Originally uploaded by moaksey.
check out these pics of the gig. i also was under impression that no cameras were permitted, darnit!

Madonna - the stadium

okay here's sum pics of the stadium itself, taken by some lucky buggers in the front.

I'm in (third?) pic - near the pointing hand, a bit further along closer to the stage on the top level. To be that far away from the stage I paid just over R800. The guys in the front paid up to R5000. I met this guy who claimed to be the biggest madonna fan ever. He actually re-mortgaged his house to be at every Madonna concert she's done.

I like her, but not that much...

Monday, July 31, 2006

Madonna - Music Inferno

Madonna - Music Inferno
Originally uploaded by machu picchu.
These pics taken some time ago, but the show is exactly the same as the one I saw in Cardiff. Check out the rest of them...

A couple more madonna pics

Originally uploaded by TabascoKid.
Here they are! She soooooo rocks!

Madonna I was there!

Originally uploaded by jakkalina.
Hey this is the Madonna gig that I went to in cardiff on the weekend. Bought my ticket at the last minute online, and drove down. Organised a place to stay on www.couchsurfing.com a really good site where you can hook up with people with a spare room or a couch, and stay for free.

They clearly said no cameras so I didn't take mine in. There were over 60 thousand people, and they DIDN'T search bags, so I could have taken it in! Anyway I bought a camera phone and took some video clips - which looks crappy. ( I made a friend who had a camera and he said he would mail the pics.

But I did have bad seats which were right in the back (seated). The stadium was massive and it looked really breathtaking seeing that many people in one place. The mexican waves that they did was fun with that many people. So I moved further down as closer to the stage that I could get. I moved almost 8 times until I found seats that weren't allocated. Madonna still looked for a stick figure in the distance but it was still better than a lot 40 thousand people behind me! The overall impression of the concert was really amazing. It was pure theatre in a way, with each song preceded by an act / dancer / speaker / video etc. The songs themselves were updated. The older songs were given a very contemporary remixed feel with destroying the essence of the song, while the newer songs were given a retro remix vibe about them, so everything felt really fresh, though familiar. She made amazing use of the videos especially. It was a true multimedia experience. The sound was great and the bass even up where I was sitting was really good. One of the best songs was Music - the did a whole staying alive / disco inferno / 70's remix of it with rollerblades etc. The songs were mostly seamlessly mixed into one another so the pace was quick. One of the most entertaining moments was when they did this remix of sorry on video but it had political commentary and images of george bush and tony blair etc. really well done.

It was very strongly promoting the new album. She played virtually the whole album, and noticly lacking were some big big songs. She didn't play Holiday, Vogue, Don't tell me, Take a Bow, Frozen etc. It's made for the people who saw her last tour. The last tour and this sit well together and a progression from there. She doesn't play the same stuff from one tour to the next, and great it you've seen here before, but it's not a greatest hits tour and not gonna give you the full spectrum of Madonna's career. But for what it was, and what was played, deserves 10/10.

Now the hype is over and back to work. The concert finished at 11 last night, and I drove back almost straight therafter. Got home at about 4am this morning, so feeling really out of it. Also bored and wondering what next to entertain myself with...


Originally uploaded by gillstrawberry.
just checking if this works. This photo was taken by a south african also on a working holiday...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


hey blog visitors (all 5 of you)

Due to Carmen's persistence, I realise that there are people who actually check out my blog... ;) Even though it's only 5 of you.

Okay here's a quick summary of what's been happenning, or what is going to happen in the coming weeks....

My life is about to change - again. I've been applying for jobs for some time. the account I work is is not exatly my cup of tea. It's George at ASDA, which is the house clothing brand of ASDA, on the country's supermarket. Pretty mundane, and was feeling quite frustrated and needed a creative outlet....

So I got a new job! At last. The company is called Outlook, and specialise in video editing, motion graphics and 3D animation. I think my work, though not highly highly impressive on the SPAR account at TBWA Durban helped me to clock up points, as well as having a primarily a design background. They say, and I agree, that it's easier to learn the software, than a software geek to learn design. They totally understand where I am coming from, that I'm not a pro on their software, and some like Lightwave 3D, I have never used before. PLUS THEY USE PC'S!!!!! AAARGH!

So just about 2 weeks ago I resigned where I am working at the moment (which I was stressing about to no end). My experience here at Checkland Kindleysides was pretty good. It's a good place to have on my CV, as they are the 4th biggest agency in the UK. I have learnt loads in terms of the way they operate from a creative point of view, as well as the organisation as a whole. Man are they slick!

Anyway the place I am going to is Northampton, which is an hours drive from me (an hour closer to London), so I will be relocating. Again. Once again the scenery / friends / way of life will change.

The cool thing is that this time I will be living way central, not in the country passing cows and horses on the way to work. BACK IN CIVILISATION!!!! So central it's like 5mins walk to the main shopping centres, gyms, movie theatres, train stations, bars etc. But there's a catch. My room is half the size of mine currently. The rent is almost half the price, so that's okay. So ths sunday I was streamling my belongings making sure that everything I own in this country fits in my car in one go. THAT WAS HARD!

3 weeks to go, so my life is busy filled with rounding things up here...

Otherwise I have been socialising with friends here and there in London, Northampton, and Leicester.

Contemplating going to the MADONNA concert this Sunday. It's in Cardiff, which is 3.5 hours drive away, and cost a heft ticket price, for seats that aren't necessary very good. Thinking that I won't necessarily be in the country next year and the chances of her playing in Durban is very slim, so might be a bit mad...will see how it goes...

Okay that's all for me for now....

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Eurovision 2006 - The party

Party was a blast - from what I can remember. Night included great food and loads of alcohol. Everybody was in the spirit, watched the event with scorecards, had a laugh, then went into town to boogie further.

The winning country was Finland who won with their song 'Hard Rock Hallejula'. Looked like Klingons from Star Trek. The kitsch and the kamp win votes. It's all just for fun!

My last recollection of the evening was about 11pm. Most things after that come to me in flashbacks. We danced in a choreographed syncronised fashion to Whigfield's 'Saturday Night' at a bar in Leicester, then progressed to a club where I am told I was loads of fun, couldn't stay off the stage etc etc etc. No memory whatsoever. I'm still recovering from bruised ribs sustained that evening - I can remember how that happenned, but would rather not say.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Eurovision 2006

This Saturday I am attending a Eurovision Song Contest Party. The Eurovision thing is a song contest, in which every country in Europe gets to enter a song, the public votes, there is a winner. Ta daa!

It's got a huge following here, and a friend of mine is hosting a party for him and his mates. Not knowing much about the contest previously, expect that Abba won it once upon a time with 'Waterloo', I'm not sure what to expect.

The UK song, 'our song', is an 'Eminem wannabe' rapper, a white guy in his forties. The song is cheesy as hell, but the cheesier and catchier the better.

If you like to know more, you can visit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/eurovision/2006/index.shtml to find out more.

The plan is to watch the event - televised live on TV with scorecards etc., eat some great food, get totally sloshed, then go into town to a club for an afterparty. Altogether sounds like fun. Of course next week there will be pictures to tell the story....

Monday, May 15, 2006

One year

It's been exactly one year since I left South Africa to come here to the UK. One year and 12 hours to be precise. It was the first time that I was actualy leaving the borders of South Africa, and on an international flight. Everything was a novelty, and new experience. I left so much behind, a decent job, great family and friends and a great country on a leap of faith - to experience life elsewhere - if only for a short time. Life was getting a little mundane, and needed a bit of a kick, and that's definitely what I got - mostly in a good way.

The furthest that I had travelled from home was Sun City. Traveling across the african continent. The sun was rising the next morning as we crossed the English Channel. It was amazing seeing the african continent left literally behind, and soon after new land - The UK. Felt kinda symbolic - as cheesy as it sounds. I was like a kid in candy store. Everything felt new, after the 'trauma' of Heathrow, of course. I noticed everything - the trees, the signs, the air, the humidity, or lack of, the cars, the people, clothes. For a while I felt like I was on another planet. It was a whole new world waiting to be discovered, and conquered.

As most of you who read my blog entries know that my journey has not always been an easy one, but highly fulfilling. Certainly not everything has gone smoothly, but in retrospect (and only in retrospect) I would not change a thing. There were valuable life lessons in every situation I found myself in, in every person I met. It's hard to see when you are in the midst of it, but in retrospect you see things with clarity, and the the profound significance it has had on your life, the way it has shaped your character, the way it has moulded your outlook and changed your destiny.

One year later I return to familiarity, routine. I have a job, a car, a place to live. I knew exactly where I was going, what I was going to do. A day after I returned to the UK, I went back to work, to a mountain of deadlines - to my 9 to 5 (ish) routine. Familiarity and routine can be good too. Just less than a year ago before I had found work and was living, or should have been living care-free, I was yearning for this type of set-up. Now I appreciate my circumstances then, and know that life had a plan for me, that all would work out eventually. Kinda taught me that every moment should be savoured. We should stop to take the time and appreciate everything that we have been lucky enough to have right now in our lives. We are exactly, at any given point in time, where we need to be - and we must make the best of our circumstances.

Where to from here???? Who knows. I just intend right now to do and see as much as I can. Who knows if I'll be coming home in exactly 12 months time, stay a bit longer, or come home much sooner for that matter? Nothing is for certain. It's exciting, and actually quite scary as I sit writing this. Scary to know that your future, your destiny, is shaped by every decision you make!!!

I guess the only thing we can do is strap onto the roller-coaster ride that is life and hope for the best. I feel the adrenaline already, no jokes. I'll probably not sleep tonight!


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

South Africa here we come!!!!!!!!!

All packed, just 4 days till I touch down on South African soil!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!! All packed and organised already. But I've gotten so used to going to stay here and there, that packing is pretty easy for me.

Two weeks off from work, now that's cool. Easter break, hot (maybe that's not the best part), friends, family fun!!!

Developed literally about 300 pics of my travels etc. Just can't wait right now.

Sister just emailed me this morning asking what time I arrive. They apparently 'have plans'. Timing, they say, is crucial. They need time to get drunk and embarass me at the airport!!! Here's a pic of us, well a few of us at Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, South Africa middle of 2004. If you know them and can't recognise them it's from left, me, Terry, Charissa, Shan, Nikki, Kaamila, Melvin, Sheryl, and unidentified man number one.

Oh and another member of the crazy family.

Monday, April 03, 2006

hello from birmingham

Just popped into Brimingham for the day. At the Bullring shopping centre, one of the biggest in Europe, so I'm told that Checkland Kindleysides - actually designed!!! Checkland is the company where I work, btw.

At the Apple Store at the moment. Feels like home.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Introducing Brighton

In 2005 for the first time I visited Brighton. One of my favourite places in the UK so far. It's down South - a seaside city a lot like Durban. The landscape and vegetation is hilly and soooo much KwaZulu-Natal. I have so many pics that I will probably make a few posts on the place cos it's so great. But here's a couple of pics to start.

One of the big attractions in Brighton is the pier. I'm pictured there at the entrance very sunburnt. It's a huge structure, with shops, restaurants, amusement arcades - which turns into an ice-rink during the winter, a theatre as well as a amusement rides including rollercoaster type rides.

That's me from the end of the pier - sun too bright - and you can see how far the coast is behind me. It was the first - and last time I tried jellied eels. (!!!) It's cold, and once you get past the tasteless gelatine and the texture of it melts away in your mouth, you are left with the actual eels, which tastes kinda like lightly salted pilchards. Spine included. Thank heavens I'm now a vegetarian.

Gallery - Miniatures

Sometime late 2005 I visited the Motor Heritage museum. There were these miniatures of cars and vehicles in general that appeared in movies or in cartoons etc. Everything from Starsky and Hutch to Noddy.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Excited about HOME

Really excited about coming home!!!!!!!! Sooooooo looking foward to seeing everybody and spending time. Still need to buy train tickets, return flight (!), travel insurance, currency, etc etc, but soooo excited. that's all. ;)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tate Modern / St. Pauls / Wooden man thing

Picked up this guy at the Tate Modern Bookshop. Um, no not a realy guy, but this wooden sculpture man thing. Friend Noodle (the most talented graphic designer next to me lol) had one on her desk, and I just had to have one too! The one in the middle with the ribbon is the one I took home. Took some pics in the museum, until I was told by staff that photograhy wasn't allowed!

One pic is a sculpture of these life-size human figures.

The other is a view from a chill-out room, which overlooks the Thames. That's the Millenium Bridge that leads from the Tate to the side where one finds St Paul's Cathredal. It's the 2nd largest 'unsupported dome' in the world. Really amazing and grand in person. Isn't that the point - to make these places of worship larger than life - to feel dwarfed and inferiour (spelling?) in front of - almost a display of God's grandeur?

Magician guy

When in London, there was this magician guy doing street magic. Similar to David Blane. Though not as freaky and sinister, ths guy was for real. Can't remember his name. He's a local lad from some rough urban ghetto. He said he was self taught. I had to see for myself, so managed to get right to the front and was literally 15cm away from this particular trick - got real low and put my eyes right near it, so could know for sure.

He took a 2 pound coin and without any effort actually pushed a cigarette through it! The coin in about 3cm wide, and about 4mm thick. The cigarette glided effortlessly through it, as if it wasn't there. Made no sound, no force, just passed through it. Was really amazing and convincing, no smoke or mirrors.

There was there with an MTV camera crew, and was filming for a show to appear on pretty soon. So might be my second appearance. Also did a card trick which Liana (pictured) participated. No doubt this guy is genuine. Look out for it!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Top 10

At work we have this jukebox system. We get 10 credits a day and can choose from an extensive selection of music, which is then played on a sound system that is linked to the entire company. As I select songs, my songs are added to my 'favourites' with the most played on top and least played at the bottom (duh).

Anyway here's my 10 most played songs as of last week (covering the last 5 months):

1 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Green Day
2 Lonely No More - Rob Thomas
3 I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues - Elton John
4 One Step Too Far - Faithless
5 Doo Wop (That Thing) - Lauryn Hill
6 Lately - Skunk Anansie
7 Come Undone - Duran Duran
8 Something Beautiful - Robbie Williams
9 Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
10 Secretly - Skunk Anansie

What is implies about my state of mind - you figure out. And note no Michael Jackson!

what a difference a day makes

Okay maybe I can stick it out. I've chatted to a couple of close friends / advice chat buddies and I do feel better about being here. It's a rollercoaster with any emotion / mood fluctuation - one day is different from the next and you rationalise things differently.

Today being here isn't that bad. I guess I've come a long way. I remember being on the fields of Newmarket Racecourse with 2 miles of grass before me. My job was, together with about 6 others, walk that 2 miles and knock the grass in where the horses had tread. The finish line was out of sight and I thought that this what hell must be like. Just a couple of months before that I was designing opening videos and annual reports for SPAR SA and liasing with the MD of the company. Then I'd think to myself - how the f**k did this happen???

Many months later the situation has changed radically and I have a lot to be thankful for. I come home in 5 weeks around easter. Just for two weeks. I have not yet bought my return ticket, so who knows how I'll feel tomorrow...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Just thought I'd share a piece of my mind. Feeling terribly homesick recently. Been having strange dreams that lead me to Durban - the promised land. Been for job interviews (god I hope no-one from work is gonna read this), and questions like: Do you want to be here in this country on a long term basis? We need to invest in somebody'. Em, of course.

The reality is that I miss home. I have so many great people who would add so much to one's life by spending time with and having fun with - in Durban, that's it's a really inviting thought to come home. Of course I've had a great journey and adventure here, but wondering if it's time to throw in the towel???

It won't get warmer for another couple of months or so. A warm day right now would be about 6 degrees.

Still so much that I want to do and see. When I had all the time in the world - no money. And now that I have money - no time. Aint that the irony of life??!!!

I guess the next couple of months are crucial to making that decision.

Madonna 'Sorry' advert

Thanks Noodle!

iPod Hifi

Just released from Apple. Innovative as usual. Well maybe someone's done it before, and they're more high profile. But still cool...

Read more at www.apple.com

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Don't think I mentioned previously that I am a healer. Besides my kick-ass skills at a shoulder massage, I'm also a Reiki level 2 Healer, as well as a Reconnective Healer. Did this course in London last year (don't ask me how much I spent on it), and now, apparently, can heal people. Strange thing about healing is all one can to for the process of healing is to channel it. The energy is intelligent and will go where it's needed. So nobody can perform miracles.

Can do distant healings, so if you send a request, will try it on you - at no cost. Come on - need some gineau pigs!

Is this you?

Sent to me by Emil. So true he says. I can't help but agree.

Quick Reads

Taken from the Virgin Trains UK website to promote their quicker train journeys.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Pronounced Keen-wa


This 'new' food that's actually been around since the Aztecs. It was revered by them as a sacred seed. Yes it's a seed, not a grain - maybe a sprout of sorts. High in protein - a complete protein. Usually you hae to eat 2 types of protein for your body to correctly metabolise it. Here you can eat just this.

Dead easy to prepare and you can have it savoury as a replacement for rice or pasta, or sweet as a breakfast food. Anyway I still can't cook, but I can make this! When it's cooks, the seed separates to reveal a sprout inside. It's light and fluffy with a slightly crunchy texture. Mmmmmmmm.