Monday, July 31, 2006

Madonna - Music Inferno

Madonna - Music Inferno
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These pics taken some time ago, but the show is exactly the same as the one I saw in Cardiff. Check out the rest of them...

A couple more madonna pics

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Here they are! She soooooo rocks!

Madonna I was there!

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Hey this is the Madonna gig that I went to in cardiff on the weekend. Bought my ticket at the last minute online, and drove down. Organised a place to stay on a really good site where you can hook up with people with a spare room or a couch, and stay for free.

They clearly said no cameras so I didn't take mine in. There were over 60 thousand people, and they DIDN'T search bags, so I could have taken it in! Anyway I bought a camera phone and took some video clips - which looks crappy. ( I made a friend who had a camera and he said he would mail the pics.

But I did have bad seats which were right in the back (seated). The stadium was massive and it looked really breathtaking seeing that many people in one place. The mexican waves that they did was fun with that many people. So I moved further down as closer to the stage that I could get. I moved almost 8 times until I found seats that weren't allocated. Madonna still looked for a stick figure in the distance but it was still better than a lot 40 thousand people behind me! The overall impression of the concert was really amazing. It was pure theatre in a way, with each song preceded by an act / dancer / speaker / video etc. The songs themselves were updated. The older songs were given a very contemporary remixed feel with destroying the essence of the song, while the newer songs were given a retro remix vibe about them, so everything felt really fresh, though familiar. She made amazing use of the videos especially. It was a true multimedia experience. The sound was great and the bass even up where I was sitting was really good. One of the best songs was Music - the did a whole staying alive / disco inferno / 70's remix of it with rollerblades etc. The songs were mostly seamlessly mixed into one another so the pace was quick. One of the most entertaining moments was when they did this remix of sorry on video but it had political commentary and images of george bush and tony blair etc. really well done.

It was very strongly promoting the new album. She played virtually the whole album, and noticly lacking were some big big songs. She didn't play Holiday, Vogue, Don't tell me, Take a Bow, Frozen etc. It's made for the people who saw her last tour. The last tour and this sit well together and a progression from there. She doesn't play the same stuff from one tour to the next, and great it you've seen here before, but it's not a greatest hits tour and not gonna give you the full spectrum of Madonna's career. But for what it was, and what was played, deserves 10/10.

Now the hype is over and back to work. The concert finished at 11 last night, and I drove back almost straight therafter. Got home at about 4am this morning, so feeling really out of it. Also bored and wondering what next to entertain myself with...


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just checking if this works. This photo was taken by a south african also on a working holiday...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


hey blog visitors (all 5 of you)

Due to Carmen's persistence, I realise that there are people who actually check out my blog... ;) Even though it's only 5 of you.

Okay here's a quick summary of what's been happenning, or what is going to happen in the coming weeks....

My life is about to change - again. I've been applying for jobs for some time. the account I work is is not exatly my cup of tea. It's George at ASDA, which is the house clothing brand of ASDA, on the country's supermarket. Pretty mundane, and was feeling quite frustrated and needed a creative outlet....

So I got a new job! At last. The company is called Outlook, and specialise in video editing, motion graphics and 3D animation. I think my work, though not highly highly impressive on the SPAR account at TBWA Durban helped me to clock up points, as well as having a primarily a design background. They say, and I agree, that it's easier to learn the software, than a software geek to learn design. They totally understand where I am coming from, that I'm not a pro on their software, and some like Lightwave 3D, I have never used before. PLUS THEY USE PC'S!!!!! AAARGH!

So just about 2 weeks ago I resigned where I am working at the moment (which I was stressing about to no end). My experience here at Checkland Kindleysides was pretty good. It's a good place to have on my CV, as they are the 4th biggest agency in the UK. I have learnt loads in terms of the way they operate from a creative point of view, as well as the organisation as a whole. Man are they slick!

Anyway the place I am going to is Northampton, which is an hours drive from me (an hour closer to London), so I will be relocating. Again. Once again the scenery / friends / way of life will change.

The cool thing is that this time I will be living way central, not in the country passing cows and horses on the way to work. BACK IN CIVILISATION!!!! So central it's like 5mins walk to the main shopping centres, gyms, movie theatres, train stations, bars etc. But there's a catch. My room is half the size of mine currently. The rent is almost half the price, so that's okay. So ths sunday I was streamling my belongings making sure that everything I own in this country fits in my car in one go. THAT WAS HARD!

3 weeks to go, so my life is busy filled with rounding things up here...

Otherwise I have been socialising with friends here and there in London, Northampton, and Leicester.

Contemplating going to the MADONNA concert this Sunday. It's in Cardiff, which is 3.5 hours drive away, and cost a heft ticket price, for seats that aren't necessary very good. Thinking that I won't necessarily be in the country next year and the chances of her playing in Durban is very slim, so might be a bit mad...will see how it goes...

Okay that's all for me for now....