Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Just thought I'd share a piece of my mind. Feeling terribly homesick recently. Been having strange dreams that lead me to Durban - the promised land. Been for job interviews (god I hope no-one from work is gonna read this), and questions like: Do you want to be here in this country on a long term basis? We need to invest in somebody'. Em, of course.

The reality is that I miss home. I have so many great people who would add so much to one's life by spending time with and having fun with - in Durban, that's it's a really inviting thought to come home. Of course I've had a great journey and adventure here, but wondering if it's time to throw in the towel???

It won't get warmer for another couple of months or so. A warm day right now would be about 6 degrees.

Still so much that I want to do and see. When I had all the time in the world - no money. And now that I have money - no time. Aint that the irony of life??!!!

I guess the next couple of months are crucial to making that decision.

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noodle said...

Hang in there dude! Remember this is a WORKING holiday, so stick it out for a few months, and then quit the job and go do a stint in Europe or summink. Go see the sights. Be free for a bit, then come back and find another job. Ever tried waitering?
Well, if you come home, we would SO have a place for you here - you talented thang!