Thursday, June 08, 2006

Eurovision 2006 - The party

Party was a blast - from what I can remember. Night included great food and loads of alcohol. Everybody was in the spirit, watched the event with scorecards, had a laugh, then went into town to boogie further.

The winning country was Finland who won with their song 'Hard Rock Hallejula'. Looked like Klingons from Star Trek. The kitsch and the kamp win votes. It's all just for fun!

My last recollection of the evening was about 11pm. Most things after that come to me in flashbacks. We danced in a choreographed syncronised fashion to Whigfield's 'Saturday Night' at a bar in Leicester, then progressed to a club where I am told I was loads of fun, couldn't stay off the stage etc etc etc. No memory whatsoever. I'm still recovering from bruised ribs sustained that evening - I can remember how that happenned, but would rather not say.

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