Thursday, November 30, 2006

confessions on a kitchen floor

Yes I may burn in hell. I have been slowly weaning myself off a pure veg diet. Yes I feel sorry for the little buggers, but been tempted by gastronomic experimentation, and been having fish as well as chicken in moderation. Trying to buy organic, though it's significantly more expensive.

The vegan freaks will have my head for this...

Happy Tree Friends

Definitely the coolest animated shorts ever! A cross between the Smurfs and Itchy and Scratchy. Can be a bit macarbe (spelling) and definitely not suitable for children. Visit the Happy Tree Friends website, though they best are downloaded for FREE through iTunes.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


That's all. Can't be bothered to type anything else. Can't be bothered to drag myself to join the gym. It's a realtively warm 13 degrees celcius and I don't wanna leave the house.

Will try and get free tickets for the World Music Awards next week in London, but that means taking time off from work, and more expense...gonna install software on my machine, watch some DVD's maybe Wallace and Grommit 3 cracking adventures / Rumour has it / emmmm

I'm starving. Having pumpkin ravioli with sage infused oil and parmesan, instant of course. Not helping with that illusive 6 pack.

Cold, miserable, edgy, hungry, surprised I typed that much out. x

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lily Allen

Just picked up the New Lily Allen CD from the library, from what I've heard already, the album rocks. Don't know about her though, she had the potential to be a real diva and already exudes bitchiness.

Also listening to recently is Pink 'I'm not Dead', Will Youngs 'Keep On', the Guilmots, Justin Timberlake and James Morrison - all worthy of having a listen.

4 f**king degrees

when i got home this evening...

5 degrees on my way to work and it's not even the dead of winter yet...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

so what's been happenning???

hey people

Friday - was pretty mellow. Stayed in and got my stuff together for my London weekend with Tadhg, his roomate, and his nieces. I took random pics to document my boredom, extracted my DVD's to add to Front Row on my Mac Mini, and was gonna go out to see Graeme DJ'ing at a pub just around the corner from me. But Northampton being as crap as it is, not one single person showed up, so I ended up staying in and converting my video clips to 3G format so I can watch them on my mobile phone (can you tell that I'm a Geek?) Ollie was around too. He's just installed the hallway lights which makes the place look really big and gives the feel of a hotel room lobby (well in relation to what is was like before it does). These books are the ones nes to my bed that change every week, but I rarely ever read them. Nice thought though.

Saturday - made an earlyish start to go to London. Met Tadhg and his nieces in Soho square, did some retail therapy and visited The British Musuem. Had an Organic fruit juice, a multivitamin, and my first coffee in 3 months all at once. So I ended up running around the museum on a high. Eventually tadgh went out for a cigarette while I let my evergy burn out. Lots cool stuff. The Rosetta Stone was a highlight. Learned about it in Art class, in History of Graphic Design, and couldn;t remember much about it, but was cool being there.

Then went drinking (as the Irish do best) - first in Soho, then in Richmond, a small very posh suburb south of London. Was drinking for 11 hours. The Irish have a stereotype of being big drinkers, and they did not dissapoint. Was fun overall.

Sunday was spent recovering. Due to 'planned (f**king) engineering works', trains in some places were non operational, so it took 4 hours to get home.

This week at work, I was working on a pitch for Harrods in-store digital signage, while my check-in animations for BMI Airlines went live at Heathrow Airport. Cool!