Sunday, March 12, 2006

Magician guy

When in London, there was this magician guy doing street magic. Similar to David Blane. Though not as freaky and sinister, ths guy was for real. Can't remember his name. He's a local lad from some rough urban ghetto. He said he was self taught. I had to see for myself, so managed to get right to the front and was literally 15cm away from this particular trick - got real low and put my eyes right near it, so could know for sure.

He took a 2 pound coin and without any effort actually pushed a cigarette through it! The coin in about 3cm wide, and about 4mm thick. The cigarette glided effortlessly through it, as if it wasn't there. Made no sound, no force, just passed through it. Was really amazing and convincing, no smoke or mirrors.

There was there with an MTV camera crew, and was filming for a show to appear on pretty soon. So might be my second appearance. Also did a card trick which Liana (pictured) participated. No doubt this guy is genuine. Look out for it!

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