Wednesday, November 01, 2006

so what's been happenning???

hey people

Friday - was pretty mellow. Stayed in and got my stuff together for my London weekend with Tadhg, his roomate, and his nieces. I took random pics to document my boredom, extracted my DVD's to add to Front Row on my Mac Mini, and was gonna go out to see Graeme DJ'ing at a pub just around the corner from me. But Northampton being as crap as it is, not one single person showed up, so I ended up staying in and converting my video clips to 3G format so I can watch them on my mobile phone (can you tell that I'm a Geek?) Ollie was around too. He's just installed the hallway lights which makes the place look really big and gives the feel of a hotel room lobby (well in relation to what is was like before it does). These books are the ones nes to my bed that change every week, but I rarely ever read them. Nice thought though.

Saturday - made an earlyish start to go to London. Met Tadhg and his nieces in Soho square, did some retail therapy and visited The British Musuem. Had an Organic fruit juice, a multivitamin, and my first coffee in 3 months all at once. So I ended up running around the museum on a high. Eventually tadgh went out for a cigarette while I let my evergy burn out. Lots cool stuff. The Rosetta Stone was a highlight. Learned about it in Art class, in History of Graphic Design, and couldn;t remember much about it, but was cool being there.

Then went drinking (as the Irish do best) - first in Soho, then in Richmond, a small very posh suburb south of London. Was drinking for 11 hours. The Irish have a stereotype of being big drinkers, and they did not dissapoint. Was fun overall.

Sunday was spent recovering. Due to 'planned (f**king) engineering works', trains in some places were non operational, so it took 4 hours to get home.

This week at work, I was working on a pitch for Harrods in-store digital signage, while my check-in animations for BMI Airlines went live at Heathrow Airport. Cool!

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noodle said...

Ja, the Rosetta Stone is cool man. But there are only so many mummies a person can check out, seen one, seen them all.