Friday, March 17, 2006

Introducing Brighton

In 2005 for the first time I visited Brighton. One of my favourite places in the UK so far. It's down South - a seaside city a lot like Durban. The landscape and vegetation is hilly and soooo much KwaZulu-Natal. I have so many pics that I will probably make a few posts on the place cos it's so great. But here's a couple of pics to start.

One of the big attractions in Brighton is the pier. I'm pictured there at the entrance very sunburnt. It's a huge structure, with shops, restaurants, amusement arcades - which turns into an ice-rink during the winter, a theatre as well as a amusement rides including rollercoaster type rides.

That's me from the end of the pier - sun too bright - and you can see how far the coast is behind me. It was the first - and last time I tried jellied eels. (!!!) It's cold, and once you get past the tasteless gelatine and the texture of it melts away in your mouth, you are left with the actual eels, which tastes kinda like lightly salted pilchards. Spine included. Thank heavens I'm now a vegetarian.


noodle said...

Hey, I've been to Brighton, isn't it so unique? And apparently its quite the fashionable place at the moment as well.
Oh, and I remember reading that there are some rilly beautiful temples in Brighton… Hope you have been getting some kutcha!

Anonymous said...

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