Sunday, December 11, 2005

Baked beans are heavy on Uranus

A short while ago I visited the National Space Centre. For some reason, it's located in Leicester.

Pretty fascinating. One of the highlights was this movie you could attend. The movie screen is dome-shaped, so you kinda sit in the screen, and it creates an sense of being immersed in the movie. Took a 20 minute journey to end end of the universe and back again. My friend Alex was almost nautious from the experience - how do you spell nor-shis??? Or nausious, or something.

There was this installation that illustrated how heavy beans were on different planets. Trust me, it's heavy on Uranus.

There were actual space shuttles and other space thingies, as well as a Dr Who exhibition. The coffee wasn't too bad either.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Did mention that it's really cold here. Check out these frozen spiderwebs. Looked pretty cool.

Oh and look at the snow on my car. Ironic that the only day I didn't carry my camera with me I see snow for the first time! Was quite magical seeing these light flakes of ice float to the ground. Then the novelty wears off and you long for some warmth again.

Even if it's not snowing, your car frosts over and have to wait for it to, quite literally, defrost before you leave for work. Mad...