Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tate Modern / St. Pauls / Wooden man thing

Picked up this guy at the Tate Modern Bookshop. Um, no not a realy guy, but this wooden sculpture man thing. Friend Noodle (the most talented graphic designer next to me lol) had one on her desk, and I just had to have one too! The one in the middle with the ribbon is the one I took home. Took some pics in the museum, until I was told by staff that photograhy wasn't allowed!

One pic is a sculpture of these life-size human figures.

The other is a view from a chill-out room, which overlooks the Thames. That's the Millenium Bridge that leads from the Tate to the side where one finds St Paul's Cathredal. It's the 2nd largest 'unsupported dome' in the world. Really amazing and grand in person. Isn't that the point - to make these places of worship larger than life - to feel dwarfed and inferiour (spelling?) in front of - almost a display of God's grandeur?


noodle said...

How cool, I also got my wooden guy in London! Mine was from a cheapy at an art shop in Camden.

Hey! I booked my ticket on Friday, I fly out on the 14 June and return on the 30 June. I'm also gonna try get tickets for James Blunt at the 02 Festival in Hyde Park. Fab-u-lous!

kamlan said...

That's cool Noodle. Do you know anybody here in London. If you want, we can hang out or something. James Bunt. He's soooo the ladies man - they go crazy for him. You'll love it, screaming your voicebox out no doubt.

noodle said...

I'll be staying with peops in Chiswick. We definitely have to hang out!

Anonymous said...

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