Tuesday, April 11, 2006

South Africa here we come!!!!!!!!!

All packed, just 4 days till I touch down on South African soil!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!! All packed and organised already. But I've gotten so used to going to stay here and there, that packing is pretty easy for me.

Two weeks off from work, now that's cool. Easter break, hot (maybe that's not the best part), friends, family fun!!!

Developed literally about 300 pics of my travels etc. Just can't wait right now.

Sister just emailed me this morning asking what time I arrive. They apparently 'have plans'. Timing, they say, is crucial. They need time to get drunk and embarass me at the airport!!! Here's a pic of us, well a few of us at Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, South Africa middle of 2004. If you know them and can't recognise them it's from left, me, Terry, Charissa, Shan, Nikki, Kaamila, Melvin, Sheryl, and unidentified man number one.

Oh and another member of the crazy family.


noodle said...

Fab-u-lous! Hey you better squeeze in a visit with me in your busy schedule…

Anonymous said...

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