Monday, December 18, 2006

All I want for Xmas... a NEW LIVER.

This past Friday was out company xmas party. Was fun. Got to see sides of people that you would never see during the constraints of a normal working environment. It was a bit all over the place though. It was hald at Whittlebury Hall, which is supposedly very posh. Diana used to stay there years ago. It wasn't free though, we had to pay for the room ourselves, though the rest of it was free.

Bcos there was a couple of other functions going on, and many function and lounge areas, as well as a couple of bars, people wandered and there was not much sense of togetherness.

I eventually ended up with the Roxio Toast UK team. Was fun cos I had a go at them for all the bugs and stuff what toast still can't do, but cheap free hacks off the internet can do.

Drove back home to Northampton the next day with a massive hangover...

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