Monday, December 18, 2006

visa museums and organic beer

this sunday i went to london for 24 hours and a bit. just got back this evening 8pm ish.

f1rst stop was to get to motspur park, south of london to see my friends tadhg and nat. they just got from prague (lucky bastards). they had a piss up these past 3 days that they were away cos stuff is just so cheap there. the architecture brilliant, and they described it as a most romantic city. the people, though, are rude and ugly. scored 2 t-shirts, a mug and a teddy bear which was won on a raffle on easyjet airlines. ;)

watched a re-run of x-faxtor. leona! leona! leona!

Today made an early start. got up at 6am to take the early train into london central.

1) stopped to have coffee at cafe nero with tadhg before he started work.

2) museum of london. damn these british people are so full of themselves, and brag about themselves and their so-called illustrious past. walked around uninterested, though took some nice pics, mainly in the 'refugees' section.

3) went to see a south african law firm who have a department specializing in work permits. getting documentation together, and will submit application in january. a really standard, buit long and drawn out procedure.

4) visited harrods. went to see where the digital signage that i'm creating (that still has the potential not to happen) might appear. harrods sells animal fur illegally, and there were protestors outside. i told the lady that i would go in and not buy out of principle. besides the stuff is overrated and overpriced...

5) met akhil for the last time before he moves to paris in a couple of weeks. met at this funky, albeit very dark underground bar where i had just two organic beers whcih got me very drunk.

6) perused the sex shops in soho for a particular item that i can possibly mention...ahem...moving on...

7) ate a falafel salad meal in soho before catching the train back to northampton. watched a bit of 'failure to launch' on the train, before falling off to sleep listening to this superbly soothing classical CD on the pod...

8) came home to see ollie put up a christmas tree, for which the lights don't work

almost 9pm. gonna retire early (in theory). nite.

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noodle said...

you gotta love big city life. that shit never happens in durbs.