Wednesday, November 08, 2006


That's all. Can't be bothered to type anything else. Can't be bothered to drag myself to join the gym. It's a realtively warm 13 degrees celcius and I don't wanna leave the house.

Will try and get free tickets for the World Music Awards next week in London, but that means taking time off from work, and more expense...gonna install software on my machine, watch some DVD's maybe Wallace and Grommit 3 cracking adventures / Rumour has it / emmmm

I'm starving. Having pumpkin ravioli with sage infused oil and parmesan, instant of course. Not helping with that illusive 6 pack.

Cold, miserable, edgy, hungry, surprised I typed that much out. x

1 comment:

noodle said...

Nooo! Food is a number one priority! Can't you get some 9p baked beans or something? You can't be starving with a Tescos nearby!