Friday, March 09, 2007

the real world

It's been ages since I wrote a entry into this blog. It's been a strange few months. Huge changes. A lotta living in the real world with little concern for the virtual world that is the interweb. Isn't that just the way things go? Many of my friends use the web as an outlet. Got me thinking. Plus I also got a lot of flack from people in my real world for living too much in the virtual world. Yeah it's an outlet, an easy cost effective way to stay in touch, make friends and connect with the world. Social networking. But there's also another side of it. People use it as a mask. Like being at a masquerade ball. You always have that veil of self protection. That layer, that boundry that gives you the freedoom to do what you want and behave how you want to with slightly lowered inhibitions. Blogs, unless they are done anonymously, rarely give insight into the real person, though they may be symptoms of and insightful into the workings of the inner mind. Blogs can be superficial and fun. And they should be, but at the end of the day it allows us to quench our thirst for the basic human needs to connect, to share, to belong. Wether it works for you is a matter of outlook and what's important to you at this point in your life.

I don't intend to give up my blog. I still would like to share what's happenning in my life, my journey, my experience both in words and in pictures with whom ever comes accross my blog and my flickr site, but I'm making a resolution to live in the real world a little bit more.


noodle said...

keep it real dude, keep it real

Gail Streak said...

We still miss u! G

Mirabel said...

Well written article.