Wednesday, March 14, 2007

countdown has begun...

been living in new malden which is just south of london. been living here for just about 2 and a half weeks now. though that i may have done a lot more social wise but time does indeed fly.

been mostly getting my shite organised in terms of my portfolio, cv and other legal bits and pieces. kinda done now and just chilling out mostly, eating too much junk food and watching dvd's. been through borat, the wild, taken (which is a late christmas present from nischol), and other misc stuff i've acquired.

leaving to come to durban on sunday. feeling really different from when i did same time last year. circumstances very different, to say the least. will be packing my bags tomorrow and getting myself together.

st patricks day is on saturday, so may go to richmond to a pub that supposedly had celebrations or sorts. or cheap drinks at the least.

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noodle said...

green beer!

see you soon…