Friday, March 16, 2007

2 days

I'm all packed. Didn't leave the house yesterday except to by a Yebo Africa calling card. Funny how the Indian people at the shop pronounce 'Yebo'. Yeeeeebo.

Heading into central London today to get bits and pieces done.

Michael Jackson just got into London yesterday. Been checking out a forum of fans speculating where he is today. Eventually figured it's fruitless and a waste of time trying to stalk him outside his hotel with all the screaming fans. He needs his privacy too.

Had two cups of tea and it's not even 7:30. Buzzing. Should give me some fuel for the next couple of hours.

Speaking of fuel. Quite upset that my car was possibly filled with contaminated fuel. Thousands of motorists around the country had exactly the same symptoms on their cars with hundreds of pounds of repair bills. Noticed some of the symptoms, like hicupping and sluggishness. Will be glad if it's simpy my paranoia, or bad driving.


noodle said...

ooh, I hope you bring lots of goodies… send me a postcard or summink.
peanut butter kitkat chunkys are good too…

Gail Streak said...

You're here. When we gonna see u? Yeah!!!!! G

Anonymous said...

stop by ... nice page and you look cute