Wednesday, April 09, 2008

1 year

Flip, can't believe that's it's been one whole year since i posted any, well, posts. Not sure why. Just caught up in LIFE, I guess. LIFE gets in the way of things. There are always more important things than posting on blogger. Just had a really quiet trip to SA. hardly told anyone I was gonna be there, just a quick trip for my mum's 50th birthday, which was a surprise (for her). Back now a couple of weeks from balmy conditions to snow and literally freezing temperatures on day of arrival. Nice.

Anyway resigned from my full time job just about a month ago for the joys and pleasures of freelance. It's a different ballgame over here, the agencies can be good to support you, but there's so much competition, and so many talented people it can be quite tough.

A fish out of water. Gave up home, gave up car. Living temporarity in a house in Southfields, south west London, just a couple of stops away from Wimbledon. Tadhg's and my stuff stored temporarily in Wimbledon while he's in Ireland. How's it feel to be unemployed in the 2nd most expensive city in the world? Scary, that's how it feels. Just been looking for a place to stay, been trekking around London, walking what seemed like miles from tube stops looking for a place to stay. Eventually found a lovely place in Southfields, locally known as Saffafields, becos honestly, there must be more South Africans and Kiwis than British in this neck of the woods. You'd swear I'm in Musgrave.

Anyway seeing an agent tomorrow. Sink or swim, who knows.

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Oh you sneaky monkey!