Thursday, February 16, 2006

me and mariah

Hey welcome back!!! I know some of you have been asking whay I haven't updated my blog in such a long time. I didn't intend to start this out as an online diary as such. That would be x-rated and would need to be by invitation only. Instead it's the light version of 'Kamlan's travels' or something along those lines.

Remember a while ago you might have got an email about me and Mariah. Well it was me, mariah and about 150 other people. A friend, coousin and me found ourselves in London on a Saturday, with the intention of just chilling out and maybe a bit of sightseeing. We heard that Mariah was making a appearance to sign CD's or something at the London branch of HMV - His Majesty's Voice - which is kinda the equivalent of Look and Listen - only bigger. If you bought her CD - The Emancipation of Mimi - you would get a pass to see here the next day. They were giving it out for a couple of days ago - so it must be gone - we thought. To our surprise, us three managed to get the last three passes! Fate - we thought.

We had to line up outside th back entrance of the store the next day. It was a great atmosphere, with people chanting and singing. MTV was there and my cousin Nischol sang along. he's the biggest fan ever.

We were ushered into the store and lined up to meet her. It was a really great time, chatting to all the fans. her videos were playing on the big screen and album playing on repeat. It was simply an attempt to gain further sales and interest in her album by releasing it with a couple of extra tracks. 'It's all about the fans' she says - but it's actually about the money. We were having a good time and didn't care.

After much anticipation - she arrived. She walked in from the opposite end of the store. As she approached, a moment of madness overcame me. We were separated by long lines of CD racks, so we, the fans were in one aisle, and she walking down the other. As she approached, I decided spontaneously to climb over the CD rack -which was about 1.5m off the ground and take a picture. I snapped continuously. when she appoached me, I put out my hand and she came to me and touched my fingers. She kinda rubbed the ends of them, as if to say - 'yes, I'm touching you'. It was very surreal.

Then reality grabbed a hold of me, and I thought - what the hell am I doing getting all excited about this woman. She has a great voice, but she's only human. So when I went to her to sign the CD, I kinda told her in a very calm voice something along the lines of: 'it's a pleasure to meet you. I wish you al the best in future'.

It was funny cos she was looking at me expecting me to be that crazy fan that jumped out at the in the aisle. She was very natural and humble. Her 'people' on the other hand were fussing about her, and she didn;t care'. When she signed my CD she was looking at me expecting me to tell her my name so that she could sign it, and for me to tell her how much I loved her. I just kinda shook my head as if to say: 'no thanks, can you just the sign the CD. I've been waiting 4 hours and now I need to go pee'

Ag shame...was fun though. ;)

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noodle said...

Oh my, don't we all just lose it a bit when we come across someone famous. Arno Carstens played at Society a couple months ago and I threw name BIG time. Why? Why do we go bananas in those situations? Some pics ended up in the YOU magazine of all places, I was just grateful that they weren't too ugly!

Hey dude, you need to keep up with the blogging… I am addicted to blogs and I would rather read up on my mates than complete strangers… What about all your fab new design?