Saturday, February 25, 2006

Gallery - Starbucks and Eat

Hi there. Some of you have complimented my photography. I get a kick out of it cos I love photography so much. Since I bought the camera kinda addicted to taking pics. Just can't seem to put it down. I like getting really close to a subject and capture the essence of it. Maybe it's beacuse I've art directed photo shoots for SPAR photography and inanimate objects that I still love arranging random found objects a bit wherever I find them and taking a snap or two.

Anyway here's a couple of pics taken while eating out.
One is at at Starbucks. It was a cold winter morning in Cambridge and a warm coffee with a couple of ginger biscuits was very inviting.

The next is at a place called EAT. I think it was a brie and cranberry melt or something like that. Mmmmmm.....

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