Friday, September 30, 2005

Where I work

The place is called 'Checkland Kindleysides'.


One of the top design companies in the UK that specialise in retail interiors. The account that I work on is George as ASDA. It's the fashion label of the UK's biggest supermarket group, then arguably the biggest fashion line in the UK.

Similar to the work that I've done at TBWA Durban working on SPAR - retail. But still a challenge in many ways. Oh, this is the view from my desk - pic taken almost by mistake, so it's not a great one. Like most design agencies, it's a huge open-plan setup.

We have this jukebox system that's run through our web browser. Everybody get's 10 credits a day and gets to choose 10 songs that's played throughout the office. Quite democratic.

The place is 5mins drive away from home, so it's pretty convenient. When my car broke down, I had to walk to work a few mornings. Took me about 40mins. Was relaxing and got to discover parts of Syton which I could not have by car.

Also keeping me company was my iPod with 'Podcasts' which I downloaded throught iTunes. Podcasts are basically mp3 downloads of radio shows, so it's like radio shows with the convenience of listening to them whenever you want. Do yourself a favour and visit the apple website and download iTunes. Website is You'll love it. Oh, and it's free!

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