Thursday, September 29, 2005

Then what happenned?

Well the very next day after writing that very mail I recieved the news that I had gotten the job in Leicester. I was kinda surreal that I had actually gotten a job. Having almost resigned to the fact that it may indeed take a very long time to happen, and getting the news the very next day was very unexpected.

I guess what Deepak Chopra says is true: 'To manifest anything in your life you have to want it really badly, then let go of your desire. Then it will come to you.' As strange and as new-agey as it may sound it certainly is true, and I have seen it happen many times.

So the next following weeks involved getting prepared for the job. Which meant learning new software (Illustrator and Indesign) which I had never used in South Africa, getting a place to stay, and buying a car - as the company is situated away from the central areas and inacccesable via public transport. And all those other bits and pieces that us grown-ups have to contend with like insurance, and breakdown cover - no wait i didn't get that - until i broke down - but that's another post...

Courses are pretty expensive, so ended up buying a laptop - an Apple of course. A nifty 12" Powerbook. Love it. Stylish and sleek - the Louis Vitton of laptops. Eventally bought a Ford Fiesta. The first car I saw - just seemed like a really good buy. Little did I know that just weeks later it was gonna break down with costly repairs. It's up and running now. Touch Wood.

A friend was kind as to drive me around for 13 hours looking for a place to stay in Leicester. Saw about 7 different places, but eventually moved into the first place that I saw! Area I live in is Syston, which is a little village just north of the city of leicester. It's a village. No doubt. Pretty small and quaint in the middle of no-where (kinda) surrounded by miles of farmland. They say one lives longer if one lives in the countryside. The small of compost and farm animals kinda grows on you - NOT!

It was kinda sad to leave Cambridge and all the people that I got to know, and the city itself which is really great. I was once again moving to a place where i literally didn't know even one person. Strange but exciting once more. I had a lot to look forward to. A fresh start - take 2......


Terry Munsamy said...

Very informative website into YOUR life. Thanks for asking about OURS.

Your Third World family is doing fine.

For all other people viewing this site,I am Terry, Kamlans fathers wifes' daughter (no relation) who now works for a very successful Import-Export Agency : Alabaster World Traders. Our biggest order thus far entails 120 million condoms (samples available upon request, flavours & sizers differ)

We share offices and a kettle with Conference Connection , a very successful event management company in South Africa.The CEO of the company happens to be Kamlans Mothers Husbands Sister(who insists on mentioning she was once a model) and is now married to a white zimbabwean.

Thank you for this free advertising space Kamlan, twas fun.

kamlan said...

Thanks for that colourful reply. This site is for my own personal glory - if you wany your limelight - get your own blog!

Regards to the Third World Family.

Your FirstWorld's Mother's Husband's Son (no relation)

Terry Munsamy said...

Im into hostile takeovers, I think I'll just take your blog. Just like those colouring books of yours that I "allegedly" tore up. Deal with it :-)
Ok I have to be productive now. Nice office by the way, looks crowded. By the way your auntys cousins sisters wifes naani's neighbour sends her regards too.
Bye bye

p.s Deepak Chopra take a seat.
"There is no optimism without fear and no pessimism without hope" TERRY 2005