Monday, November 21, 2005

21 November 2005 - Frozen Fingers and Spiderwebs

Hello again. Thanks for visiting. Okay I know that I'm supposed to updating this bog quite regularly as it's supposed to let people who need cheap entertainment for free and have to much time on their hands, specifically YOU, to read the intimate personal life. No but seriously I'm far away from home and get homesick so it's good for you to visit. Will make sure to write something interesting and thoughtful every now and then. ;)

But the reality is that my life, from a very tumultuous existence a couple of months ago has turned a little mundane, well it's settled into a routine of sorts. It's a 8:30 to 5:30 job. Yes there are many hours in the day, but recently it's turned bitterly cold. No, not just nippy, but literally freezing - minus four degrees celsius. Yes in the mornings one has to literally scrape the ice coast off the windscreen in order to see. And no, you cannot use the water in your wipers to wash the ice away - it's frozen too! In this really bleak weather, one really doesn't have the motivation to get out and about. Well i don't anyway. It's just too much of a comforting thought to come home to my place which is very toasty inside. It's got effective central heating and insulation, so one is oblivious to the weather outside.

To put things into perspective - you know in Durban when it's so hot and your steering wheel heats up so much that you have to drive with the ends of your fingertips. Well now it's so cold that you can't hold the steering wheel. You have to touch it with your fingertips. Feels like your fingers in the deep freeze against the ice. No exaggeration. A colder winter than usual is expected - the coldest in over 10 years or something. Scary! Oh, look at the frozen spider-webs.

Okay enough about the weather. Haven't done much traveling just yet but will make sure to do some serious traveling now. Invested in a satellite navigation system so I can find my way to places, and a decent camera that takes pretty good pictures so I can document my travels visually.

Visited a Motoring Heritage museum yesterday, which documents British Motoring over the ages. Cars really aren't my thing, but it was very fascinating nevertheless. making good use of my camera I managed to snap up over 100 pictures in a couple of hours. It's really addictive.

That's it for now. Visit again soon.

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