Friday, November 06, 2009


Hey, life has it's ups and downs. You have to find distractions you keep you entertained...

Spotify is one of them that does keep you entertained. If you haven't heard of it yet, it's basically online audio streaming in a slick user interface. Virtually anything that's been released on CD is available there, and a handy way to access loads of music wherever you are connected to the internet. There's an iPhone app too, so it's like having access to a huge library of music wherever you have signal.

It's only available in a few countries in Europe, but hopefully will catch on in other places. It's free, and the catch is that in between tracks, you would get an advert of some sort. For buying a premium subscription, it gets rid of the adverts, but for a free service, a few ads every now and then isn't so bad.

Could this be the future of how people listen to music? Possibly. So many people illegally download music, 'giving' it to them, sponsored by adverts and generating income for the artists income is better than piracy. I'm loving it.

Today, Robbie Willams new album was released on Spotify, 3 days ahead of the commercial release. Way cool.

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