Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Macbook Pro Updated

Today Apple will announce refreshes to their Macbook pro lines. As the rumour mill speeds up, the following are loosely agreed:

Macbook Pro 15" Update
No 17" Macbook Pro
No Macbook Updates - though logic says they will announce them too
speeds up to 2.8GHz
improved wireless connectivity
7200 RPM hard drives
HD displays
Possibly Blu-Ray Support
128GB SSD option
user-serviceable hard drive
extra long battery
$899 product that is likely to be a 24" LED Cinema Display

The pic looks gorgeous - more in line with the current iMac design. The only things that bothers me is the glossy Display. I worked with one at LOVEFiLM, and in an office with lots of windows it can be a bit of a nightmare. Oh - and my current Macbook Pro which I purchased just a few months ago is officially an antique - and resell value has dropped more than the recent stock market crash.

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